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Midland & South Western Junction Railway
(Note: Numbers in brackets refer to specific references)
The Midland & South Western Junction Railway was formed by the amalgamation of the Swindon & Cheltenham Extension Railway and the Swindon, Marlborough & Andover Railway in 1884 with the later addition of the Marlborough & Grafton Railway. The line boasted only about sixty route miles of track but they handled a lot of military traffic for the army camp at Tidworth. They had several attractive locomotive types and contributed a total of 29 locomotives to the GWR in 1923.

Goods livery was mid grey with the letters M S W J R in white shaded black about 6 inches high, usually on the left side of the body about two thirds of the way up the side, and the number in similar script on the right side of the body. The 10 ton furniture van wagon could be made from a Peco single bolster body and a wooden 10' wheelbase chassis, cut the body just inboard of the coupling retainers, sand the end pieces to represent the ramps and add a central floor from 10 thou card.

Fig ___ M&SWJR



(1) Great Western Way - J. N. Slinn - HMRS - 1978/79/85 - ISBN 0 902835 09 2
This book details the livery practice of the GWR and also briefly covers the principal liveries of absorbed companies. There are not as many photographs as one might wish but there are plenty which suggest modelling ideas.


Midland South Western Junction Railway Society
49A Martins Rd
BA14 6N
Swindons Other Railway
A website devoted to the MSWJR

Available Models.

Bill Bedford Models, Leebiton, Sandwick, Shetland, ZE2 9HP
Mr. Bedford offers an etched metal kit for the M&SWJR van number 303 (later used by the GWR)


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