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The Cardiff Railway
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The Cardiff Railway was originally called the Bute Docks Company, the name changed in 1897, after which they built their own line outside the dock area. There were over a hundred miles of track within the docks but the 'main line' was only about eleven miles long. At the time of the grouping it boasted only thirty or so locomotives and a couple of steam railmotors with trailer coaches (acquired in 1911), the rest of the passenger stock comprised a few four wheeled coaches purchased in 1919.

Goods stock bodies and solebars were in lead grey with ironwork picked out in black and the company name in full and the wagon number on the side; CARDIFF RAILWAY COMPANY 12345. This makes it one of the more difficult liveries to reproduce.

Fig ___ Cardiff Railway

Cardiff Railway


Great Western Way - J. N. Slinn - HMRS - 1978/79/85 - ISBN 0 902835 09 2
This book details the livery practice of the GWR and also briefly covers the principal liveries of absorbed companies. There are not as many photographs as one might wish but there are plenty which suggest modelling ideas.

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