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Brecon & Merthyr Tydfil Junction Railway
(Note: Numbers in brackets refer to specific references)
A small line in south Wales, built to carry coal, 60 miles long and running on the opposite side of the valley to the Rhymney Railway and connecting to the GWR near Newport. The first section opened in 1865 and the entire line became part of the GWR in 1922. Included here because its black iron work stands out rather well.

Freight stock is described as being medium to light grey (one source quotes 'light slate') including the underframe but with iron strapping picked out in black on the body and solebar as shown on the two plank open wagon. Brake vans had vermilion ends. Roof and all lettering on freight stock was white and after about 1910 this consisted on the initials B & M, the letters about 18 inches high the & about twelve inches high, open wagons had the capacity marked in the lower left about four inches high in the form LOAD 10 TONS and the tare weight in the lower right in the form 6 - 17 - 2. The 8-ton drop-side wagon being used for ballast was purchased from the Midland Railway as is one of the MR standard designs.

Fig ___ B&M
Brecon & Merthyr Tydfil Junction Railway


Great Western Way - J. N. Slinn - HMRS - 1978/79/85 - ISBN 0 902835 09 2
This book details the livery practice of the GWR and also briefly covers the principal liveries of absorbed companies. There are not as many photographs as one might wish but there are plenty which suggest modelling ideas.


Welsh Railway Research Circle

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