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Modelling Glass Wagons

The glass wagons often had a drop centre, required for loads over about eight feet tall, although the LNWR/LMS short glass wagon did not, making this an easier model to produce.

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GNR glass wagon

The Great Northern Rly glass wagon model is based on a photo in Peter Tatlow's book LNER Wagons (see bibliography). The model was not very carefully made and I left the well rather shorter than I should have or needed to, however it is a glass wagon, and it is sturdy enough to be handled by young fingers. To make the side supports I used tapestery needles (also known as bodkins) obtained from the local 'Singer' shop. These are difficult to cut (they tend to shatter), heating them to red heat (held in a wooden clothes peg) and allowing them to cool slowly softens them up and make this easier. If using a Peco chassis they should be cut down to 18mm length, when placed in holes drilled through the chassis they should then just reach the bottom of the hole. For the GN wagon, as it was to be handled by a kiddie I extended the supports below the solebar and glued them to the sides of the central well for additional strength.
Photo of model

Sketch of model

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