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Modelling container wagons and containers

The container has been a feature of British railway operations since the 1830s.

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London & South Western Railway carriage truck, first built in XXX these were used to carry pairs of horse drawn meat wagons from the docks to London (the wheels were removed in transit, the vans were craned off the wagon in London and the wheels reattached for local deliveries). By the 1930's wagons of this type were being used to carry pairs of rather distinctive, diagonally planked, meat containers. If you operate a pre-nationalisation layout these wagons would only be seen on the LSWR or the appropriate part of the Southern Railway. In the early BR era however they were again used for containers, this time carrying a single B type container (as offered by Peco and available as a kit from Parkwood models). The B type container was carried centrally on the wagon. The F containers were slightly smaller, the wagon could only manage a single B.

Photo of model

There are several ways to model this wagon, my model was actually built from two plate wagons, the remainder of the wagons being used for another model. I used the Peco plate wagon body as I was being lazy, the problem with this is that the body is rather narrow and the sides quite thick. As my containers are (usually) fitted with securing chains, even when removable from the wagon) I wanted to give myself some extra room. I built the body from the two plate wagon bodies, carved away the sides down to floor level and scribed in the plank lines along the exposed edges. I then cut the ends down slightly and used Slaters 20x79 thou strip for the sides. This produces a side which is about the correct height, but means the floor of the wagon sits very high. If I ever replace this model I will almost certainly build a new body based on a floor of scribed card 16mm wide with sides and ends from 20x79 thou strip.

My model is in BR livery, grey as the wagon was unfitted. The (Peco) container has not yet had the securing chains added.

sketch of model
LNER container flat from Peco single bolster wagon kit. The model can run empty, adding a removable load is not practical as the chain pockets extend too far inboard. You can make a new body up to allow a removable container but it ends up looking unnaturally wide.

sketch of model

LMS container flat from Peco steel chassis kit, must be loaded as prototype was an open chassis.

sketch of model
BR 'L' type cement and limestone containers and associated wagon. The wagon (model is based on the Peco single bolster) had an open frame chassis so the containers could emptied whist sitting on it. For some reason these wagons were often seen (or at least photographed) in threes.
Photo of model
The model shown is a first attempt but the method shown in the drawing was used.

Note- The sketch of the BR L Type container model is a rough draft put up by request, a better and more detailed drawing will follow when time allows.

sketch of model

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