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Modelling carriage trucks

There has been a demand to carry personal carriages and private motor cars on the railways since the Liverpool and Manchester line opened in 1830. These are called 'carriage trucks and the open type are visually interesting. As they received little use, they remained in service for many years.

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Modelling an LNWR carriage truck using a Peco 15 foot wheelbase chassis kit. This LNWR type is a 'passenger rated' type, painted in passenger livery and suitable for layouts set at any time from about 1900 to about 1970 (although it would have seen very little use after about 1959 when four wheeled vehicles were banned from passenger trains.)The photo shows two attempts at this, the one on the right was the original 'quickie' on which I did not bother cutting back the chassis ends and it does not look right.
Photo of models

The example on the left has the shortened ends and looked rather good, until I repainted it as the thickness of the paint (on both models) has rounded off the detail somewhat and made lettering more difficult.

sketch of model

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