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Links to modelers websites

Each entry is a link, just click on the text. - Lloydian Aspects miniatures page. There is a lot more on the site covering a range of topics and he has a YouTube channel called 'Lindybeige' which has some nice vids on wargames and prototype info. matakishis tea house - Some lovely models and some interesting techniques as well as so splendid ideas for wargames (Hillbillies vs aliens made me smile)

Forums of possible interest

Forums are websites on which people share their ideas, often with pictures of the work in progress and the final result. They are a mine of useful information on matters such as camouflage colours as well as clever ideas for buildings and terrain. Unfortunately everyone used to use a picture hosting company called 'photobucket' (which at its peak was hosting 10 billion images) but in 2017 they decided to charge a few hundred dollars for users to allow their images to be seen on other websites and pulled the plug even on existing users so these days you may find a lot of the pictures missing and replaced with s black rectangle suggesting the subscriber pays up. However not all pictures were hosted on photobucket and people are re-uploading them to alternative sites so keep digging! - Terragenesis - Been around for years and well worth investigating. - Mini Wargaming - The War Games Website - Airfix Tribute Forum - The Unofficial Airfix Model Forum

Links to sources of free downloadable paper buildings

Each entry is a link, just click on the text. - This was the best links page I found for access to free downloadable paper buildings Papermau - A blog with links to free downloadable paper models, the buildings section is pretty comprehensive Scenery Builder is a modellers website and at the time of writing there is a free downloadable row of terraced houses.

Links to commercial sources of download and print paper buildings

Each entry is a link, just click on the text. - Scalescenes offer a range of very reasonably priced downloadable PDFs to produce a range of buildings, they are all British prototypes but buildings such as the farm and barn would serve for Europe perfectly well. One plus with this range is that Brassmasters have released a set of window and door etched brass replacements. One nice touch is a sheet of 'domestic clutter' although most of the sheet is distinctly post-war (front loading washing machines, TV sets and stereo music systems)

Links to commercial sources of card buildings

Each entry is a link, just click on the text. - Paper terrain, commercial buildings in stiff card, they come as a complete outer building that fits over a destroyed inner building. That means the windows are just printed on, which is fine for most wargamers, but if you make them up as separate buildings you could detail the outer shell. I haven't tried them myself but the prices are very reasonable and the range includes a set of bridges and also some landing craft. - Freestone Model Accessories are specialists in card buildings including the lovely old Builteeze range. They also sell wire suitable for down-pipes, clear printed glazing sheets and the like. - If modeling a specific country it is worth looking at the local offerings, for example this French firm does a wide range of pre-printed laser-cut card typically French buildings in small sets, they are lovely kits (they even make some that are region-specific, such as Normandy/Brittany and most seem to come with detailed interiors) but they are to 1:87 scale (fine for 20mm, no good for 25mm). They are not cheap but for about £100 you can get a complete Breton 'old town' of 20 Tudor style buildings and the site is worth looking at if making your own buildings as it gives a good overview of the styles. One surprise was that many of the buildings do not have shutters on the windows.

Link to the tudor buildings

Sources of replacement windows and doors

Each entry is a link, just click on the text. Brassmasters offer a range of 4mm scale (20mm soldiers) windows and doors at decent prices. - Gaugemaster stock a number of useful ranges including Dornaplas (for plastic buildings and windows/doors), Dapol (for the old Airfix range of buildings) etc. They are also specialists in glues and sell a wide range covering most applications.

Links to model review websites

Each entry is a link, just click on the text. - Henk of Holland, a wonderful site cataloguing available models with links to detailed reviews of kits. - Plastic Soldier review - Covers all ranges of 20mm figures on the market and includes older sets no longer in production. Very useful site.

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