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Websites put up my individual modellers

There used to be a great many 'links pages' maintained by enthusiasts listing railway related web sites, some containing hundreds of links. I would not be able to maintain such a page so here I have concentrated on listing sites and other on-line resources that I visit personally so that I will notice broken links when they occur. I have been advised to add a disclaimer to the effect that the sites listed here are the property and responsibility of their owners and I cannot accept any responsibility for the content of those sites or other linked sites.

Individual Modellers Sites This page needs updating - I am currently preparing a revised version

O Gauge Modelling on the GWR Brian Podmore's site detailing the building of his O Gauge model railway, a very nice piece of work!

Blood and Custard Colin Watts maintain this site, relating to Southern Region BR but the liks are extensive and cover most aspects of actual railways. Worth spending a little time here!

A couple of sites recommended by Alex Farlie, quote:

Sabre Roads Has a very active forum in respect of various road related topics ( including cars , road history, street furniture etc.), and may have the sort of armchair experts that would help expand some areas.

District Dave's Forum has been a location where I have gaind a lot information on 'Tube/Undergound' matters. In some threads, if you are willing to dig a bit, there's quite a bit of information you might not expect to find

New Railway Modellers Forum This site was recommended by several people as being a rather good source of help and advice.

For information on modelling buildings you should take a look at
Lloydian aspects Described as 'Being a website of meanderings amongst the diverse interests of Lloyd, archaeologist, photographer, explorer, toast farmer, armourer, evolutionary psychologist, oxymath, erumite, gentleman.' This site has a lot of military related material on it, which is interesting even if your interests are not primarily military in nature. It is within the wargaming section that he discusses buildings and scenic development.

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