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Useful websites

There are a great many 'links pages' listing railway related web sites, some containing hundreds of links. I would not be able to maintain such a page so here I have concentrated on listing sites that I visit personally so that I will notice broken links when they occur. I have been advised to add a disclaimer to the effect that the sites listed here are the property and responsibility of their owners and I cannot accept any responsibility for the content of those sites or other linked sites.

Sites relating to specific lines

Most sites relating to specific lines are covered in the Livery section and Appendix Two, however some sites contain a wide range of information which may be of interest to modellers

West Country Railway Archives
A site covering all the lines in the South West of the country with some interesting information on each of the companies covered.

Sites of specific interest

Rail Signs
A site showing a wide range of signals and trackside signs from various periods of the British railway system. Well worth a visit.

Trackbed - maintained by Philip Toogood
Trackbed is a truly epic site, listing all the railways of Britain with potted histories of each. Essential reading.

Mikes Railway History - The way it was in 1935.
A fascinating site containing a lot of useful photographs and covering a wide range of rail related topics, mostly British but with odd elements of foreign lines (including an article on the freight-only city centre West Side line of the New York Central Railroad Company, fascinating).

Ken Brockway's British Railways in the 1950's site The original site has sadly now gone but many of Ken's photographs are now on
Trainweb is a wide ranging site hosting a collection of railway related web pages and offering something for everyone. A lot of technical info is included, much of it by acknowledged experts in their field. This site has a sub section specifically on technical matters, Railway Technical Web Pages, well worth a look.

Science and Society Photographic Collection This site has a large collection of photographs available on its searchable web site. Well worth a visit, not only for the railway related material but for all the rest of the strange and wonderful things they have on file.

S&HLR Traffic Patterns
A useful, informative and generally interesting overview of traffic on a British (GWR Swindon & Highworth Light Railway) branch line.
An unofficial website for the newsgroup uk.rec.models.rail - This site seems to be on hold but newsgroups generally are not as well attended as they were ten years ago.

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