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Useful websites

There are a great many 'links pages' listing railway related web sites, some containing hundreds of links. I would not be able to maintain such a page so here I have concentrated on listing sites that I visit personally so that I will notice broken links when they occur. I have been advised to add a disclaimer to the effect that the sites listed here are the property and responsibility of their owners and I cannot accept any responsibility for the content of those sites or other linked sites.

Photo sites

Sadly several photo sites have now been taken down, including John and Sue Turner's bluediesels and 53a-pix and Gareth Bayer's Wagons on the Web, both of which are sadly missed. All is not lost however and several sites are still maintained.

Paul Bartlett's rail wagon photographs
Lots of older photos, including a lot of unusual prototypes, a very good site indeed, highly recommended for anyone modelling the post Nationalisation scene.

Martyn Read's Wagons and On Track Plant, a large number of photographs all sorted by the relevant TOPS code.

British Railway Wagon Photograph Library Compiled and developed by Huw Millington is currently hosted on Flickr Departmentals
This web site is maintained by Bob Wallace. It deals with all departmental rolling stock

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