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Appendix Six - Bibliography - Books and Magaziness

Note- Books relating to specific railway companies are discussed in App 2 - Pre-grouping liveries

In compiling this work considerable reference has been made to published works with original research confined mainly to filling in the gaps. The list which follows outlines those books which have proved most interesting in the context of goods operations and their inclusion may be taken as a recommendation for any modellers library.

Magazine Articles

Railway Modeller
Railway Modeller magazine in the 1970's regularly featured a 'wagon page' with drawings of a particular vehicle in a selection of scales (including 2mm/ft), sometimes with a potted history.

Mike Smith wrote a series of articles on the models donated to his Godson's N Gauge layout which ran from June 2000 to March 2003. More may yet appear in this series but that is not certain at the time of writing. The articles tried to combine a measure of background information with modelling information on a selection of vehicles to illustrate the points made.
- Ship models -

June 2000 - Sailing Barge for N -
Modifying the Thomas the Tank push-along Bulstrode barge.

Dec 2000 - Steam or Motor coasting vessel -
Further modifications to the Bulstrode model.

- Traffic for Tickling Series (bi-monthly) -

Jan 2001 - Milk Train -
Making 4 wheel coaches and a slat sided milk van with details of L&Y and Cam Rys milk vans.

March 2001 - End door & High goods wagons - Converting the Peco wagon kits to end door types, L&Y 5 plank (NB I now understand that this model may well be inaccurate), TV seven plank end door type and GE seven plank merchandise wagon.

May 2001 - Wagon brakes, Morton and Dean Churchward -
Modifying the Peco chassis to alter the brake type, adding vacuum hoses and modelling the GW seven plank merchandise and china clay wagons with notes on adding a sheet-supporter and hood.

July 2001 - Short wheelbase and Scottish end-door wagons -
Modifying the Peco open wagon kits to represent older prototypes and modelling the outside framed end door design popular in Scotland. Models of a short PO coal wagon and a Caledonian railway end door wagon.

September 2001 - Colliery and Coke wagons -
Description of wagons with hybrid buffers, modelling the five foot wheelbase end-door only and end-door and side door coal wagons. Modelling the Midland Railway coke wagon and a similar design used by private owners.

November 2001 - Timber wagons -
Shortening the Peco single bolster pair and scratch building similar wagons using a Peco chassis. Modelling the LBSC double bolster wagon which had an unusually long body.

January 2002 - Standard Size Vans -
Back-dating the doors on the Peco ventilated van to represent the pre-1927 type, modelling banana vans using the Peco standard van and ventilated van kits, modifying the Peco ventilated van kit to an NER design with a roof door and modelling an LSWR outside framed van.

March 2002 - Unusual wagons -
Modelling a short wheelbase salt van (based on a Garstang & Knott End Rly type), modelling a Southern Rly short wheelbase outside framed van converted into a tool van and modelling a short wheelbase open wagon with raised ends and a tarpaulin supporting beam (based on an M&GN prototype).

May 2002 - Wagon chassis types -
Discussion of the construction of wagon chassis and buffers. Modelling a North British 20 ton flat wagon, an LNWR four plank open wagon and a GWR five plank open wagon with a 'sheet supporter' and 'sacktruck' doors.

July 2002 - Common User Vehicles -
Discussion of the Common User Scheme and associated markings and plates. Modelling an NER two plank open with only one brake shoe, an NSR three plank open and a L&Y one plank open showing the early common user markings.

September 2002 - Shorter General Goods Wagons -
Discussion on the common W iron type of wagon suspension. Cutting down the Peco and Farish open wagon bodies to represent older prototypes with models of a GCR 5 plank open, a GWR four plank open with DC brakes and a GNoS three plank open with long lever brake.

November 2002 - Plate Wagons -
Discussion of swinging link and J Hanger suspension systems. Modelling a GN plate, Br unfitted plate and BR fitted (vacuum brakes) plate using the standard Peco plate wagon kit.

January 2003 - Reach wagons, twin bolsters and the GWR Open C -
Use of wire to form chains and securing rings. Modelling an oil refinery or chemical works 'reach wagon', chassis modifications and liveries for the Peco double bolster wagon, modelling a fourteen foot wheelbase GNR double bolster and modelling the GWR Open C long wheelbase wagon.

March 2003 - Trestle Wagons -
Modelling the BR trestle wagon (a real-life conversion of the Peco type plate wagon) and extending the chassis and body to model an NER trestle. How to model the trestles themselves to get the flush fronted look of the prototype.

Scale Trains Magazine
June 1983: Article on a small dock layout which featured a working rotary wagon tippler. Unfortunately the second article, describing the modelling of the tippler, was never printed.

Practical Model Railways Magazine
Bernard Taylor (who went on to found Taylor Plastic Models) produced a series of articles for this magazine in the mid 1980's on modelling the then current railway scene in N. These articles contained a lot of useful information and also detailed the construction of many suitable models.
June 1984: Open wagons
August 1984: Welded mineral wagons
September 1984: Ferry wagons and Freightliners
November 1984 and February 1985: Steel carrying stock.
November 1985: Railway tank wagons

Model Railway Constructor
This magazine produced a hard-backed 'Annual' and these often contained interesting articles on goods stock and drawings of liveries. Those I found of particular interest were -

1980: A selection of drawings showing some pre-grouping wagon and van designs.

1983 (published by Ian Allen Ltd 1982, ISBN-0711012334) Paul Bartlett & Trevor Mann: Article on the BR standard 'plate wagon' with a selection of conversions based on the chassis.

1985 (published by Ian Allen Ltd 1984, ISBN 0 7110 1409 4): Paul Bartlett and T. Mann British Railways ferry wagons


Historic Wagon Drawings in 4mm Scale

F. J. Roche - Ian Allen - Originally published as separate drawings they were put into book form by Ian Allen. Contains a number of drawings covering a wide range of subjects all to 4mm scale. The Graham Farish range (other than for the more modern stock) were based on these drawings.

Rolling Stock Worth Modelling

Author unidentified - D. Bradford Barton - ISBN 0 85153 453 8 A slim volume conning 4mm scale drawings of a range of railway goods stock including a six wheeled milk tank, BR grain hopper and a couple of six wheeler non-passenger coaching stock items. Interesting and there are a few things worth considering for N Gauge conversions but the lack of captions is a pity.

The World Guide to Model Trains

Peter McHoy & Chris Ellis - BCA - 1983 An interesting work which shows illustrations of all the then currently available model railway locomotives and rolling stock available in ready-to-run form. Obviously there have been many changes and not all alternative liveries are shown but this remains a handy book when looking for Continental or American models which can be used on a British layout. Buying all the catalogues is more expensive and can be difficult (I attempted to do so when compiling this work).


The British Goods Wagon

R. J. Essery, D. P. Rowland, W. O. Steel - David & Charles This was the first really thorough going book on the development of British Railway goods rolling stock. Unfortunately it is long out of print and my local library was not able to find a copy. Do look out for it in second hand book shops however as it has been recommended to me by several modellers who's opinion I trust.


GWR Wagons (Vol.1 & Vol.2 produced as a single volume)
A.G. Atkins, W. Beard, D. J. Hyde, R. Tourret - Guild Publishing - 1986 - ISBN 07153 8725 1 - An excellent book packed with detail, an invaluable reference work for modellers of the GWR throughout its history including some information on the very early one and two plank wagons.

Great Western Way
J. N. Slinn - HMRS - 1978/79/85 - ISBN 0 902835 09 2 - This book details the livery practice of the GWR and also briefly covers the principal liveries of absorbed companies. There are plenty of photographs to suggest modelling ideas.

Freight Wagons and Loads in Service on the GWR and BR (WR)
J. H. Russell - OPC - 1981 - ISBN 86093 155 2 - This is a well captioned black and white photo book with loads of useful detail shots. Few of the wagons are loaded and those which are mostly show vehicles withdrawn from service due to poor loading practice.

GWR Company Servants
Janet K. L. Russell - Wild Swan - 1983 - ISBN 0 906867 185 - Has a number of goods wagon photographs and a good shot of a GWR tarpaulin being folded.

GW Siphons (Milk churn vans)
J. N. Slinn & B. K. Clarke - HMRS - 1985 - The definitive history of these distinctive vehicles, some of which lasted in service into the 1980's.

All About GWR Iron Minks.
J.H. Lewis, M. E.Lloyd, R. C. Metcalf & N. R Miller HMRS, 1980. - Thorough coverage of the GW's Iron Mink vans including those operated by absorbed companies and some private owners. Does not cover non-absorbed company iron vans however.

GWR Company Servants
by Janet K. L. Russell - Wild Swan - 1983 - ISBN 0 906867 185
This excellent well illustrated and comprehensively captioned book contains photographs showing the work of all departments of the railway company.


An Illustrated History of Southern Wagons Vol 1 (LSWR and S&DJR)
G. Bixley A. Blackburn, R. Chorley, M. King, J. Newton OPC 1984 ISBN 0 86093 207 9 Offers comprehensive coverage of the goods stock and goods liveries for these two companies.

An Illustrated History of Southern Wagons Vol 2 (LBSCR & Minor Companies)
G. Bixley A. Blackburn, R. Chorley, M. King, J. Newton ISBN 0 86093 220 6
Second in a series of four, covers goods liveries and wagon design in considerable detail.

Southern Wagons Volume 3 (SECR) and Volume 4 Post Grouping SR will presumably be up to the same high standard but I have not as yet purchased these books.


The LMS Wagon
R. J. Essery & K. R. Morgan - David & Charles This was a handy single volume representing a lot of the early work on researching pre-war goods stock. Although the more recent books contain greater detail, and a lot more photographs, this was a useful little volume. It was available through the public library system in the 1980's and may still be on the shelves.

An Illustrated History of LMS Wagons
R. J. Essery - OPC Vol 1 1981 ISBN 86093 127 7 and Vol 2 1983 ISBN 0 86093 255 9 Mr Essery is an acknowledged expert on the LMS and these two volumes provide detailed coverage of all the wagon types built by that company and also shows containers used by the railway. Unfortunately it does not cover pre-grouping types inherited by the LMS, some of which lasted into BR ownership.

An Illustrated History of MR Wagons
R. J. Essery - OPC - Vol 1 1980/1984 ISBN 0 86093 040 8 There are two volumes in this work, as with the books on the LMS wagons above the detail is considerable and for anyone modelling the Midland Railway as such these would be an invaluable reference.

Lancashire and Yorkshire Wagons, Vol. 1.
Noel Coates, Wild Swan Publications, 1990
This is the first in a series of books by the acknowledged expert on the subject of L&Y goods stock. My one criticism (and it is a small one) is that as the drawings have been reduced to suit the book some of the figures indicating dimensions are difficult to read. It is usually possible to extrapolate the required figures by comparing other drawings on which the numbers are more clearly defined.

Lancashire and Yorkshire Album.
by Noel Coates and Martin Waters, Ian Allan, 1971

Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway miscellany
by Noel Coates, Oxford Publishing Co., 1983 Mostly locomotive photographs but has some goods stock illustrations and a couple of interesting 'yard scenes'.

The Garstang & Knott End Railway
W Rush and M. R. Price - Oakwood Press. - 1985 A useful revised and expanded second edition book containing the history of the line along with photographs and several scale drawings of the goods rolling stock.
For additional information and some colour illustrations on this entertaining line see the website at The Pilling Pig (The colour illustrations were no longer featured on the site in late 2003 but there is now an extensive selection of black and white photographs.)


A Pictorial Record of LNER Wagons
P. Tatlow - OPC - 1976 - ISBN 0 92888 92 7 One of the earliest books on goods wagons it includes stock from all the companies absorbed by the LNER as well as LNER built vehicles. The book consists mainly of photographs with relatively few drawings but provides plenty of material for the kit basher.

The Great Central Railway Volume 3
George Dow published by Locomotive Publishing Co in 1959 ISBN xxxxxxx. The third and final volume in a series describing the history of the line in great detail, this volume has a number of useful drawings of both goods and passenger stock as well as several photographs.


British Railways Wagons
Don Rowlands, David & Charles, 1985, ISBN 0715381830
This book, subtitled the first million, covers all the BR built unfitted and vacuum braked stock and includes a couple of the early air braked vehicles as well. Lots of peripheral information and comprehensive lists of running numbers.

Dave Larkin's soft back pictorial reviews, all published by D. Bradford & Barton
This series of books by David Larkin are collections of black and white photographs, most taken by Mr. Larkin himself, each with a most informative caption. There are over a hundred photographs in each of the books, enough to keep the average modeller going for several years.

Pre-Nationalisation freight wagons on British Railways by Dave Larkin, D. Bradford & Barton, 1977
BR Standard Wagons Dave Larkin, D Bradford Barton, 1979, ISBN-0851532403
BR Departmental Rolling Stock - D. Larkin - D Bradford Barton 1979
BR General Parcels Rolling Stock - D. Larkin - D Bradford Barton 1978
Private Owner Rolling Stock on BR - D. Larkin - D Bradford Barton

Dave Larkin's Working Wagon series
This series of books covers the rolling stock in use on the railways with black and white photographs and extensive and informative captions. My only complaint is that this series, unlike his earlier work with D Bradford & Barton, does not cover the many conversions and unusual wagons seen on BR.

Dave Larkin's book Working Wagons Vol.1 (ISBN 0950796069). A Pictorial Review of Freight Stock on the B.R. System 1968 - 1973 (1st Edition - 1998) Publisher: Santona Publications
WORKING WAGONS, VOLUME 2 A Pictorial Review of Freight Stock on the B.R. System 1974 - 1979 1st Edition - 1999 ISBN 0950796069 Publisher: Santona Publications
WORKING WAGONS, VOLUME 3 A Pictorial Review of Freight Stock on the B.R. System 1974 - 1979 1st Edition - 2001 by David Larkin ISBN 095384482X Publisher: Santona Publications
WORKING WAGONS, VOLUME 4 A Pictorial Review of Freight Stock on the B.R. System xxxx - xxxx 1st Edition - 1999 ISBN 0953844846 Publisher: Santona Publications

Wagons of the Early British Railways Era by Dave Larkin, Kestrel Railway Books, 2006 -ISBN 978-0-9544859-8-6. This is a realy useful book covering the early days of BR with considerable information on the original BR standard wagon types and many black and white illustraions including some unusual types seldom phtograped.

British Railways Goods Wagons in Colour by Robert Hendry 1st Edition - 1999 ISBN 185780094x Publisher: Midland Publishing
A valuable resource not only for its colour photographs but also for the insight it offers into goods operations in the BR era. Includes a section on the Derwent Valley Light Railway, a small independent goods only line with its own locos hauling standard BR stock to a number of line side industries and still turning a profit in the 1980's.

British Railfreight Today & Tomorrow.G. Freeman Allen - Janes - 1984 - ISBN 0 7106 0312 6
A very thorough appraisal of the railway freight business prepared by an acknowledged expert with the full support of the BR sector managers. Well worth reading for anyone interested in the system when Speedlink flourished and a range of liveries was employed by BR.

BR in the Eighties
A retrospective of the decade containing much useful information to anyone considering modelling the period.

Rail Freight Today
C. R. Anthony, B. Rodgers - OPC - 1989
A study in considerable detail and very well illustrated of the BR freight operations in the North East of the country with some reference to other regions. I would suggest this is an invaluable reference to freight buffs considering modelling the 1980's BR scene.

Private Owner Wagons

Private Owner Wagons P. Mathews - MAP
This little paperback contains a wealth of detail on a range of pre-BR PO wagon types including some interesting tank wagons. Sadly long out of print second hand copied do occasionally turn up and it represents very good value for money. I found this little book gave me enough to work on for a long time when I bought my copy and I think it would still be of real assistance to a beginner.

Private Owner Wagons Vol.1 to ...
Bill Hudson - Originally published by OPC in the 1970's, subsequently published by Headstock Publications starting in 1985. These soft-back books are a mine of information not only on the wagons but on the companies who operated them. They are virtually all PO coal wagons but now and again there is an interesting non-coal type included, for example a tar tank wagon owned by the Altrincham Gas Company in Volume One.


Railway Signalling and Track Plans by Bob Essery, 2007 - Ian Allan (ISBN 978 0 7110 3215 6).
This gives details of typical track construction, the various types of signal and the way in which railway companies put these together to give a easy and economical to run railway which complied with national safety requirements. There is a chapter at the end of the book giving advice on how this can be interpreted by the modeller.
Thanks due to John Webb for pointing out that this book had been published, I missed it completely

A History of North Eastern Railway Signalling ISBN 978-1-873513-99-6 Publisher: North Eastern Railway Association 2016 Editor: Neil Mackay The 320 page A4 publication is printed on gloss art paper throughout with a casebound colour cover. There are 450 illustrations of which 95 are in colour, with numerous line drawings, diagrams, tables and appendices. We have plenty of signal, signal cabin and layout drawings which we hope modellers will find interesting. Price 27.00. Available from bookshops or by post (please add 4 P&P) from NERA Sales Officer, 15 Woodside Drive, Darlington DL3 8ES or visit
North Easter Railway Association

A Pictorial Record of Great Western Signalling by Adrian Vaughan - OPC -1973 (revised edition 1984)
Essential for the serious GWR modeller and of interest in a more general sense this book features large numbers of photographs, although I found the explanatory text and captions somewhat sparse.

BR Motive Power since 1948 B. K. Cooper - Ian Allan - 1985 - ISBN 07110 14965
Covers all the BR standard steam locomotives and the diesel and electric types up to 1985. Really aimed at the locomotive enthusiast rather than the modeller this slim volume does contain details of several interesting early types of diesel locomotive used for freight working.

Petroleum Rail Tank Wagons of Britain R. Tourret - Tourret Publishing - 1980 - ISBN 0 905878 02 7
A superb book detailing a wide range of tank wagon types from the earliest days up to the 1980's. Well worth a look, there are also examples of wagons used for carrying petroleum related liquids and even edible oils.


Operations on a Steam Age Railway C. J. Freezer
I have not actually seen this book, it was listed as available on my local library computer but they were not able to trace a copy. I feel confident in recommending it based on the excellence of Mr. Freezers other books and articles, many of which have provided inspiration over the years.

Designing Model Railways C. J. Freezer - MAP - ISBN unknown
An excellent little book, published in magazine format and primarily dealing with steam age practice. If you can find a copy this book would be invaluable to any one just starting in railway modelling and would probably teach even the experienced modeller a thing or two.

Non railway books of possible interest

Architectural Modelling in 4 mm Scale
D. Rowe - wild swan - 1983 - ISBN 0 906867 12 6

Industrial & Mechanised Modelling
D. Rowe - Wild Swan - 1990 - ISBN 0 90686 784 3

Miniature Building Construction
J. H. Ahern - MAP - 1950 to 1977 ISBN 0 88242 686 0
A personal favourite of mine, when this book was written the plastic kit did not exist and the author, one of the pioneers in scenic modelling, shows just what can be done with cornflake packets and scraps of wood. Mr Ahern's own 'Madder Valley Railway' is used for the illustrations and my one regret is that this book does not detail the very compact brick works which was added to the layout. The layout is itself preserved as part of the permanent exhibition at Pendon Museum and well worth a visit.

Shire Albums
These small booklets deal with a wide range of 'heritage' topics, of particular interest to railway modellers are:

A useful reference source on canals is the small paperback "Discovering Craft of the Inland Waterways" published by Shire Publications at about two pounds, this has many useful illustrations of the craft and outline histories of their trades. Model Railway Journal edition No.16 contains a modellers guide to this subject.

Small Mines of South Wales
A. J. Booth published by the Industrial Railway Society in 1985 (ISBN 0 901096 87 3).
This is a slim paperback book containing many useful photographs. The railways discussed are all of the horse-hauled or man-pushed variety but there is a wealth of detail in the text and photographs of interest to anyone thinking of adding a small coal mine to their layout.

The following books were found to contain useful or otherwise interesting information.

British Lorries 1900-1992 by S.W.Stevens-Stratten
pub by Ian Allen (1992) ISBN 0 7110 2091 4
An excellent and informative book covering brief details of the British lorry building firms with many photographs including a Carrier Cob being used by a Sheffield gas works.

Steam Wagons in Focus by John Crawley
pub by John Crawley Ltd. Turvey, Bedfordshire 1984 ISBN 0 9508046 2 2
A useful book showing over two hundred pictures of steam road lorries, many of which are unusual types including a dustbin lorry and several 'gully-emptier' wagons. Invaluable for details on steam lorries in general and the more unusual types in particular. The illustrations often shown the wagons in a loaded condition but unfortunately there is little detail on the loads themselves in the text.

Triumphs of Transport by John Broughton OBE
pub by Broughton ISBN 0 951 6378 35
The official history of the Broughton road haulage and specialised road waggon building firm from the days of steam waggons up to the 1980's. This book contains an illustration of what may have been the first British 'skip loader' lorry on a Bedford chassis.

Clothing on the Cut by
pub British Waterways Board (1975)
A useful book detailing the clothing worn by people working on the canals. There is a lot of information on 'fashion' but there is a real shortage of information on ordinary working clothes and this book contains many useful illustrations. Working clothes lagged well behind fashions so although many of the drawings and photographs are of the nineteenth century they still provide a useful reference for modellers with layouts set in any period up to the 1920's.

General Reference Sources

Encyclopedia Britannica
The current edition of this reference work will probably be in your local reference library. Personally I purchased an old copy (c1960) and I have found that the older editions often contain more of the kind of information modellers need.

Oxford English Dictionary
Your local reference library should have the eighteen volume dictionary, this is useful as it provides the first recorded use of the word which can be a useful guide to the date of introduction of specific things.

Thomas's Stowage
The seaman's bible for carrying goods, this describes just about anything one might transport along with details of how it should be carried. It is a working book, regularly up-dated, but second hand examples can be found. Up to the 1960's the methods of carrying various goods changed little and any edition from before 1965 should prove a valuable source for modelling goods.

The Condensed Chemical Dictionary revised by Gessner G Hawley
pub by Van Nostrand Reinhold Company.
Costing in the region of fifty pounds this book covers just about any material you might think of with brief details of how it is produced and how it is used. This enables you to find possible uses for pre-lettered chemical wagons and tanks and lists of ingredients required for different industries. Although the entries are limited in size by following chains of reference through the book you can glean a great deal of information. There are many other similar books, a hunt through the local reference library will usually turn up at least two.

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