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Appendix Six - Individual Contributors

Note- Books relating to specific railway companies are discussed in App 2 - Pre-grouping liveries

Mike Smith
This website
Mike provided the bulk of the text, drawings and photographs based on his own notes. This was put up in rough form and the following people have corrected errors and provided further information for the project.

Kevin Crowley
(no website)
Advised on current (in the late 1980's) BR freight operations

Denis Clare
(no website)
Denis provided most of the information relating to the Southern Railway

John Sullivan
OO in the garden
John added notes on the difference between different companies banner repeaters and provided a photograph of a banner repeater for use in the Signalling section.

Keith Norgrove
Keiths Personal Website     The Scalefour Society
Keith, an expert on signalling, kindly sub-edited the section on signalling, correcting several mistakes.

Brian Williams
(no website)
Brian has provided a lot of useful information and corrections for the text. He provided information on LMS jackshaft shunters and helped a lot with the car-flat information. He also very kindly summarised the history of non-ISO standard four wheeled container wagons, allowing me to correct numerous errors I had made, especially in the section on Freight Operations - Coal. Most recently he provided corrections for the entry relating to the UIC RIV international railway vehicle markings.

Alan Cox
(No wbsite)
Alan has kindly revised and updated the section on diesel locomotives in Appendix Four, adding a great deal of technical information.

John Turner,
53A Models, Hull, UK.
Shop website
Photo website 1: BR steam, diesels & electrics, rolling stock & plant; preservation & industrial scene, overseas railways.
Photo website 2: the post-BR current railway scene.
Photo website 3: railways around Hull and the East Riding.
John, another regular on the uk.rec.models.rail newsgroup, has provided several corrections and amendments for the site.

Chris Gibbon
High Level Models
Chris has kindly allowed me to use photographs of his range of 4mm scale industrial and shunting engine kits to illustrate the text.

Mike Williams
LNWR Society website
Mike, a member of the LNWR Society was most helpful with regard the the design of LNWR wagons, on which subject he is writing a book.

Noel Coates
Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Society
Mr Coates, the acknowleged expert on L&Y goods stock and author of several books on the subject provided considerable assistance with the L and Y goods stock described in Appendix Two.

Ken Carter
Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Society
Ken, a member of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Society, provided a lot of useful information on the L&Y goods services.

Mike Grocock
North Eastern Railway Association website
Thanks are due to Mike of the NERA for his assistance and advice on NER matters.

Jim Macintosh and Fred Landry
Caledonian Railway Association
These gentlemen. both members of the Caledonian Railway Association were very helpful, providing a lot of information on CR freight operations for inclusion in Appendix Two.

John Sewell
Cumbrian Railways Association website
Considerable thanks are due to John, a member of the Cumbrian Railways Association, for his considerable assistance in the preparation of the section on the Furnes Railway in Appendix Two.

Stewart Clinton and Stuart Rankin
The Glasgow and South Western Railway Association website
Thanks are due to Stewart Clinton and Stuart Rankin of the G&SWR Association for their assistance in the preparation of the section on the G&SWR in Appendix Two.

Joan Moran
(no website)
Special thanks are due to Joan for her assistance with local research on the Garstang and Knott End Railway for inclusion in Appendix Two.

John Webb
(no website)
John provided information on the application of power operated semaphore signals and on the spacing of signal boxes.

Stan Pavey
(no website)
Stan was kind enough to reseach the fishing industry in Hull and also supplied a lot of information on the port and facilities there.

Alan Haburn
H & BR Stock Fund website
to Alan Haburn of the H&BRSF provided a lot of details on H&BR rolling stock for inclusion in Appendix Two.

Tony Miller and Ray Caston
Welsh Railway Research Circle website
Tony and Ray, both of the Welsh Railway Research Circle, provided a great deal of information on the various lines in Wales discussed in Appendix Two.

Jim Guthrie
(No website)
Jim supplied a lot of information on LMS push-pull operations, specifically relating to the stock converted for these services.

David Parry
(no website)
David provided a lot of useful corrections and additional information regarding the use of headcodes under BR.

Clive Monen
(no website)
Supplied corrections for several German spellings.

Bevan Price
Photographs of railways in the North West since the 1960s.
Bevan was able to advise on the motive power used by the LMS push-pull services and there is a photograph of one of the LMS push-pull driving trailers on his website ( )

Tim Illingowrth
Smof Software (a non railway site, for the moment)
Tim, another regular on the uk.rec.models.rail newsgroup, was able to supply considerable detail on the Tyneside electric suburban services.

Rich Mackin
Railway Scene - A website covering the current railway scene with photographs, news and discussion forums
Rich, yet another regular on the uk.rec.models.rail newsgroup, was able to offer a lot of help on early EMU liveries.

Barry Ruck
(no website)
Barry, a regular contributor to the alt.binaries.images.vintage-engineering newsgroup provided assistance with identifying a number of vintage vehicles for inclusion on the site.

Brian Carpenter
The Unofficial Shelvoke & Drewry Website - Details the various road vehicles built by this firm, including some types used by the railways which had real character, ideal for a model layout.
Brian provided a lot of guidance on the subject of Shelvoke & Drewry vehicles for inclusion in Appendix One.

Tim Whyte
(no website)
Tim sent details on the construction of the air braked barrier wagons used for some chemical traffic.

Marcus Kerr
(no website)
Marcus supplied much detail on the operational use of the Sealink liveried coaches used in the 1980's.

Jack Taylor
Jack supplied details of the livery used on the Sealink coaches in the 1980's.

David A. Pritchard
(no website)
Supplied information on the Campbell's and Pedigree air braked PO vans.

David Hansen
(no website)
Supplied information on three incidents where a train with continuous automatic brakes had experienced problems resulting in serious accidents due to the brakes not functioning as intended.

Richard H Heulin
Vintage tractors website
Mr Heulin provided valuable guidance on the use of older types of motor tractors and the Chaseside front loading gear.

(no website)
A regular on the newsgroup uk.railways supplied information on the Fletliner containerised brick services of the 1970's and 80's.

Nick Lawford
(no website)
Supplied information on the self-propelled container crane wagon trialed in the UK in the 1980's.

Neil Dewar
(no website)
Neil was kind enough to point out some incorrect addresses in the Available Models section, and to supply the correct ones.

Tony Cane
(no website)
Tony was able to provide livery details for the LMS articulated DMU.

Peter Abraham
(no website)
Provided background information on the pre-war LMS Jackshaft shunters.

Martyn Roberts
(no website)
Provided information on DMU liveries.

Andrew Breen
(no website)
Provided information on DMU liveries.

Beam Ends Land Rover Spares
Richard, who was a freight train guard from 1979 until he became a signalman in 1982, supplied a detailed description on the rules and uses of guards vans on freight trains. This has been appended to Railway Freight Operations - Train Formations, well worth a read.

Ron Strutt
(Rural Rides is Rons website on the subject of push bike riding)
Provided much needed help regarding SR double decker EMU coach design.

Nigel Blacker
(no website)
Provided a lot of information regarding ports and cargo handling and also supplied a lot of data on gas works.

Mike Pitt
(no website)
Mike, a regular on the uk.rec.sheds newsgroup, was able to provide information on the clutter found in petrol stations for Appendix One.

Ian Franz
(no website)
Provided much of the background information relating to farming practice and farm machinery.

Rob Batten
(no website)
Provided a great deal of information on the private car market and the evolution of the modern private motor vehicle.

Natale Marchiano
(no website)
Provided the photo of the small British mobile steam crane found in Venezuela.

Steven Spall
(no website)
Provided clarification on the colours of the common agricultural tractor types used in the UK.

Guy Gorton
Guy provided the photographs of the Bucks waste reception facilities for the Lineside Industries section. He advises that the pictures are no longer on his website, which he also describes as 'Not really a proper website, just some images that might appeal to some with a historical interest.'

Torsten Jerzembeck
(no website)
Torsten provided information on the RIV specifications for international working and the markings used on vehicles likely to visit the UK.

Nick Bastable
(no website)
Nick provided corrected information on the coal field around Dover in Kent.

Roger Traviss.
Home of the Great Eastern Railway
A regular on the uk.rec.models.rail newsgroup Roger provided additional information on fire engine liveries.

Kim Pateman
(no website)
A regular on the uk.rec.models.rail newsgroup Kim provided additional information on fire engine liveries as well as information on co-operative shop 'house styles' & photographs of typical buildings.

Ken Ward
(no website)
Ken, a regular on uk.railways newsgroup provided detail on the colours used by British Road Services vehicles.

Dennis Markuss
(no website)
Whilst researching the Liverpool and Manchester Railway Dennis found the Subterranea Britannica - Disused Stations site which includes details of the Liverpool Road station in Manchester.

Tony Clarke
(no website)
A regular on the uk.rec.models.rail newsgroup Tony provided detail on the use of wooden blocks for road surfacing.

Joyce Whitchurch
(no website)
A regular on the uk.railways newsgroup Joyce has provided several detailed answers to questions raised on a wide range of topics.

Ken Parkes
(no website)
A regular on the uk.rec.models.rail newsgroup Ken provided detail on the use of cobble stones for road surfacing.

Dave Hill
(no website)
A regular on the uk.railways newsgroup Dave provided information on domestic sewerage systems in the country.

Dr Barry Worthington
(no website)
A regular on the uk.railways newsgroup Barry provided a detailed discussion of the railways involvement in 'night soil' transportation.

Mike Hodgson
(no website)
Mike was kind enough to provide more detail on how the signal box bell codes operate in practice.

Roger C
(no website)
A regular on the uk.railways newsgroup Roger has contributed to several threads of relevance to this work.

Chris Osment West Country Railway Archives
Chris kindly pointed out the existence of the Somerset & Dorset Railway Trust, which I had not found. He was also able to supply corrections and additional details for the section on the PD&SWJR in Appendix Two, for which thanks are again due.

Graham Davies
Graham Davies website
Graham supplied the picture of the Arcton storage tanks used in the kit bashing section under Unusual Tank Wagons.

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